Nemertes 4 Art

Anniversary collection of our products

In September 2017 we created our collectable range called Nemertes 4.

The number four – 4, is the emblem of flow and infinity, is the number of mathematical power, objectivity and reality, representing the balance and harmony of the universe.
The first thematic choice for “Nemertes 4” refers to the four seasons of the year, where selected specialized products are decorated by unique works of renowned visual artists.

The artistic creators embody the existence of Nemertes, in original watercolors, fit it into the present and imprint its existence.

The autumn season is a visual art creation of the painter Aristomenis Tsolakis and the winter season was painted by the painter Petros Zoumboulakis. Spring was added in our collection, a work of the visual artist Vangelis Rinas.

The art curation is chosen by the art historian, Mrs. Anita Patsouraki.