One of the fundamental values ​​and the most important principles of operation of Nemertes is the contribution to the progress and prosperity of Greek society, which is particularly important as it determines to a large extent the long-term and sustainable business activity and success of the company. The result of adopting these principles is the development of a corporate culture from which comes our intention to operate with Responsibility in all areas that are the important axes of sustainable development including the Market, shareholders, employees, society and the environment.

Nemertes Official Sponsorship of the National Deaf Women Basketball Team

Sports highlight our core values, which explains why it has a key role in Nemertes’ Corporate Social Responsibility. We believe that :

  • Athletes are an example for the young children and show that with hard work, persistence, discipline and goals everything could be achieved.
  • In addition to medals and honors, sports bear moral values ​​which lack from today’s society. Persistence, result orientation, effort and, above all, ethics are essential ingredients for healthy progress.
  • Basketball is the proof that «Greece can do it». It is an honor and a privilege for Nemertes to be a committed supporter.
  • Nemertes is the official sponsor of the National Deaf Women’s Basketball Team (European Champion 2016, Golden Olympic Champion Deaflympics 2017). Our goal is to support the athletes, the coaching team and the people of the Federation in order to achieve the best possible result, by all possible means.